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At Step by Step, we steer clear of the 'one size fits all' approach.

Step by Step Learning provides individualised services to Paediatric, school-aged children.
We support our client’s in their learning journey, and equip them with the skills required to each reach their individual potential.

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How exciting that our Year 11 students of 2020 are now Year 12 students! As exciting as this, it is very important for you to understand that you now need to be in the right frame of mind, everything you do (assessment wise) from here on our counts towards your HSC!

Don’t let that daunt you, we are trying to motivate you. It is important to understand that your overall HSC results are made up of ‘internal’ exams being the assessments you complete throughout the year at school, and ‘external’ exams being the final exams you will sit in October-November 2021.

Now is the perfect time to get in the right frame of mind and set yourself up for success. Don’t leave it too late. If you are needing support in any of your subjects please reach out to our team 🙌🏼 #stepbysteplearning

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We have settled in so well to our new SBSL HQ! One of our main goals is to make sure that we have a friendly face welcoming you at our front desk! Say hello to our Taylah who is one of our tutors here at SBSL 👋🏼 #stepbysteplearning ...

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A combination of carefully selected toys and guidance from an informed professional can lead to an abundance of language! Toys can facilitate language development, and ‘learning through play’ is a strategy we are very big on here at SBSL.

This is why we ask parents to indicate what their child is interested in: unicorns, spiderman, fortnite, etc….so we can cater to their interests and lesson plan around these interests! #stepbysteplearning

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To the Year 12 students in our SBSL family, YOU HAVE GOT THIS! We believe in you and we are sending all our positive vibes into the universe for your HSC beginning tomorrow. We know how hard you have worked and have so much faith in you! ❤️❤️❤️#stepbysteplearning ...

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A strategy we use when encouraging children to use more than one word utterances: Extending.

Similar to expanding, extending is the encouragement of longer sentences. For example, if your child says “Time for food”, you may say “Yes, it is time for food. It is time for food because we are hungry!”

Your speech pathologist will use this strategy, along with many others during therapy sessions. However more importantly, they will train you as a parent to be able to use these strategies in everyday interactions so that you are communicating with your child in a way that will stimulate language growth and development 😍


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HASS aka Australian Humanities and Social Science 🌏

We found this new range by @pascal_press targeting HASS, they can be used to further assist students to understand the world. Each book is organised into units that follow History, Geography, Civics and Citizenship, Economics and Business. The stimulus materials help students through researching, questioning, analysing, communicating, evaluating and reflecting in each unit.

We love the simple layout of this book making it super easy to follow.

There are also assessments at the end which can be implemented to assess students’ knowledge – our favourite part 😉

Overall, a valuable tool that enhances engagement and one we think many families could benefit from!

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Not all activities in the holidays need to be super busy and costly. We love this idea of a nature hunt and finding items that match the colours of the rainbow! #stepbysteplearning
📸 @cintaandco

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Visuals are a great tool for reducing anxiety and teaching flexibility and structure. Typically, it is a tool used with our younger clients, as well as those with Autism or communication difficulties, who benefit from using visual supports.

We find that by having a visual support, it increases engagement and independence. It reduces feelings of anxiety by reducing unpredictability, as children are able to understand more clearly what is happening next.

There are apps that you can use for your older children, but having a tangible schedule works wonders for your younger children as they can be super involved when mapping out each day!

Do you use visual supports within your home or daily routine? We would love to know! #stepbysteplearning
📸 @zaras_play_tribe

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You guys… particularly our high school students! Your brain is not on holidays! Your brain is a muscle and like all muscles, needs consistent activity to perform at an optimal level. This is why you should be doing some study during the holidays so your brain is warmed up and good to go, when you return to school. It doesn’t need to be super strenuous, but a little light reading, or a few practise questions a day goes a long way!

It’s important to enjoy your break, but don’t forget to feed your mind too!

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It’s no secret that we are BIG advocates for inclusion... of all abilities, religions, races, genders - we believe we are all equal!

This week’s book shares and discusses all the ways we contribute to life! For our students who may be struggling academically at school, this book helps to identify other ways people can be smart - through storytelling, taking chances and being brave!

We could all use a little more guidance sometimes #stepbysteplearning
📸 @dotsintervention

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It was a great night at the @localbusinessawards_ !
Although we did not win, we truely FEEL like winners being able to do what we love EVERY.SINGLE.DAY! 🙏🏼 It was very inspiring to see so many other local business owners who have worked through and overcome adversity this year.
A huge congratulations to @ssbenworkplacement who were the winners in our Education Category! Also a big congratulations to the beautiful @sutherlandshireopen4business who OF COURSE won in the Photography category. Very well deserved! ❤️❤️

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One of the first questions we ask our families when working with their child with speech sound errors is “Has your child had their hearing checked?”

A hearing assessment may be recommended by your Doctor if your child has repeated ear infections. It is also extremely important to have their hearing assessed if they are making speech sound errors, as compromised hearing could be causing errors in their speech sound development.

How is hearing and speech related, you may be wondering? We like to explain it this way - children really are like sponges, and absorb all of the information around them to learn. If a child’s hearing is compromised, they may not be able to hear 👂🏼certain sounds in words (commonly quiet sounds such as s, sh, f, t, k), or they may hear a different sound in a word. This would then lead to the child pronouncing 🗣the word themselves in the way they have ‘heard’ it be said.

Learning to say sounds incorrectly can also contribute to difficulties with literacy development ✏️ 📚 as a child gets older. This is because they will learn to spell words the way they hear/say them.

Hearing assessments are a great starting point which help us to learn more about your child, and the areas they need support in. We have some great audiologists we can refer you to if a hearing assessment is recommended #stepbysteplearning

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Reward charts are a powerful way to encourage desired behaviours.

We often use rewards charts in sessions with children for motivation to complete tasks, or as a visual schedule, so they can see how many tasks/time is left.

At home, they can be used to reward things such as good manners, completing chores and homework! They are great for keeping children accountable!

You can download our FREE rewards chart from our website, just head to the ‘free resources’ tab when visiting our website #stepbysteplearning

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Just an appreciation post for our SBSL team! After a crazy few weeks in our new home, and some new faces added to our team, Peter and I are so proud of our team and business! No matter the curveballs we are getting thrown with COVID and alike, everyone is adapting and remaining so positive and happy to support our students. We are so grateful for you all. Go team! 🤜🏼🤛🏼 #stepbysteplearning ...

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Maths hacks, who has them? We believe in stripping everything back to basics so that our students are understanding the concept and not trying to find shortcuts which can lead to errors and gaps in understanding! Students we often work with express they need help with say, algebra, however they were actually struggling with their times tables and division, so we need to tackle this first. All areas of maths are intertwined, which becomes even more apparent as a child progresses through high school. So it is important that the foundations are solid so that we can build on this 🤛🏼
📸 via TikTok @edgarg2020

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Question, be honest!

How many of you have watched a movie ‘based on’ a book before actually reading the book? After a conversation with one of our senior students, it got us thinking 🤔

There is so much difference in what the book details to the movie, and this is a message to our senior students – don’t cheat the system! Watch the movie, fine, BUT always read the book too! Especially when completing a novel study which requires you to identify literary techniques RATHER THAN visual techniques ✏️ #stepbysteplearning
📸 @breakingbooks

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Sprinkling kindness and compassion towards each other AND yourself can make the world of difference, especially with so much change and uncertainty happening currently.

We are PROUD to be inclusive, diverse and accepting of all the different capabilities of our students and we will always support your family in the journey to success – whatever that means for you ❤️ #stepbysteplearning

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Does your child leave off the first sound in some words when talking? Does this make it difficult to understand what they are trying to say?

Initial Consonant Deletion (ICD) is a phonological/speech sound error seen in children with more severe phonological delays. This is when a child deletes the first sound in words. For example, they may say ‘ipper’ for ‘zipper’ or ‘eddy’ for ‘teddy’.

ICD is considered an atypical speech error. A ‘rule’ has been embedded in the child’s mind that removing the first consonant in words will make it easier to say the word. Therefore we need to retrain the brain to overwrite this rule.

If this sounds familiar, or your child makes other errors in their speech, please get in touch for a chat to see whether speech therapy may be appropriate for you! #stepbysteplearning
📸 @doodlebugsteaching

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Mental health is an area close to our hearts. We want you to know that it is okay to not be okay! Sometimes we are not okay, and that is okay.

A huge part of what we do is encouraging children to recognise their talents, strengths and abilities. It is so important that our children believe in themselves, and feel supported, especially when they may be struggling.

With today being R U OK? day, we want to highlight that, especially during these tough times, it is so important to connect with your family and friends and be honest about how you are feeling - let’s all support and appreciate that everyone feels differently and those feelings are ALL okay! #ruokday #stepbysteplearning
📸 @jangandfox

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