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At Step by Step, we steer clear of the 'one size fits all' approach.

Step by Step Learning™ provides individualised services to Paediatric, school-aged children.
We support our client’s in their learning journey, and equip them with the skills required to each reach their individual potential.

There are many skills a child may develop to ensure that they are ‘ready’ and will thrive in their new learning environment. These skills are not only academic/learning based, but also social and emotional.

We would love to share these with you:
▪️TURN TAKING: Play games which will require your child to wait for their turn. Model and reinforce that we must wait when it is the other persons turn. Turn taking will also help to develop your child’s joint attention skills.

▪️WIN/LOSE: Help your child to feel okay when they don’t win. Create opportunities for both outcomes and model nice things to say when the other person wins. Praise them for saying these things.

▪️SHARING: Encourage your child to share their toys with other children. Positively reinforce with praise when they do this.

▪️EMOTIONS: Research shows that when children are able to identify their own emotions, and read the body language of others, they will have improved social AND academic outcomes. Discuss different emotions using pictures and practise labelling them. Ask and encourage your child to tell you how they feel in different situations.

We hope you find these useful! NEXT UP:

👉🏼 Numeracy and literacy! ✏️ #stepbysteplearning

A value we pride ourselves on and teach our students every single day ❤️ #stepbysteplearning ...

I was inspired to study speech pathology after completing work experience in the field, and I was able to see the direct impact speech pathologists can have on the lives of children and their families.

I am still as inspired today, as I was then. I pride myself on connecting with my families and honestly, watching their language develop. Seeing my students achieve their goals is a feeling I will never get tired of!

Our older students do work experience and often ask us where they should complete this. Choosing a career can be so overwhelming, especially if you are unsure what path to choose, with so many options available these days!

I want to know, are you in your dream job? Did you always know what you wanted to do, or did you change careers? Let’s create some real-world inspiration for our students! #stepbysteplearning

PHONOLOGICAL AWARENESS Phonological awareness is the ability to identify and manipulate sounds within words. These skills are strongly linked to early reading and writing (literacy) success in children.

Some different ways that we target phonological awareness include:
✏️ Syllable counting
✏️ Rhyming
✏️ Identifying sounds within words
✏️ Segmenting sounds (sounding out)
✏️ Blending sounds (to make words)

This is a great activity which can be used to target initial sound identification in words. Through searching through all of the possibilities, children are drawn to the sounds. This creates an association between sounds and letters, which helps to form the building blocks for reading and writing #stepbysteplearning
📸 @elizabethrichardsaus

#DidYouKnow that 1.2 million Aussies have a communication disability that impacts on their daily life?

A way that we can all help to ‘bridge the gap’ is to be aware of forms of communication which are not just verbal.

Have you heard of Key Word Sign (KWS) before? KWS is different to Auslan (aka sign language), as it represents key words in a sentence, rather than every single word.

Thank you @expressyourself_withelliot for demonstrating some basic KWS’s and spreading awareness! #stepbysteplearning

With school holidays just around the corner, we love this collection of ‘boredom busters’. Keeping your minis entertained can be done in ways that don’t always involve technology.

Although, with restrictions easing we can bet that these holidays will be a lot easier than the last 🙈 #stepbysteplearning
📸 @househomelove

As term 2 is nearly closing, we can’t wait for what the second half of 2020 has for us! We have some surprises up our sleeve that we can’t wait to share! #stepbysteplearning ...

We love a good math joke 🙈 #stepbysteplearning ...

Basic maths skills are required for most careers. The early years of school (primary) are when we learn the foundations of ‘basic’ maths. Take a builder for example; the math skills they use in any general day would be arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry and calculus, to measure materials, add up volumes and complete other project-planning tasks.

It is essential to learn skills such as adding, times tables and division in order to learn and build on bigger maths skills. We love this example of a real life example of how math would be used in the real world! #stepbysteplearning

Take time to unplug and recharge. With our ‘normal’ routines returning, we know it’s feeling a little crazy. Now we remember how busy we were pre-covid 😅 So this week we are creating a habit of ‘switching off’ after dinner time. Try it with us! #stepbysteplearning
📸 @hellosunshine

We understand that for some people, receiving a diagnosis like Autism can be overwhelming and emotional. We encourage our families to educate themselves as best as they can so that they can understand what the diagnosis means not just for their child, but that it’s okay to feel those feelings!

Recently, we have come across this book. It is different to the usual ‘sterile’ type of read (y’know with all the facts and percentages that can make it a little daunting). This book is our new favourite recommendation, providing a more ‘humane’ approach to Autism.

Dr Prizant suggests a major shift in understanding Autism. Instead of classifying “autistic” behaviours as signs of pathology, he sees them as a part of a range of strategies to cope with a world that feels chaotic and overwhelming. Rather than curb these behaviours, he believes it’s better to enhance the abilities, build on strengths and offer support that will naturally lead to a more desirable behaviour and therefore, a better quality of life.

It’s important to note, that while it never discounts the difficulties of living with Autism, this book offers inspiring stories, and practical advice from Dr Prizant who has a four-decade career working with Autism. A great read for anyone who is connected to Autism, or whoever wants to have a better understanding and, like us, be an advocate for inclusion! #stepbysteplearning

It’s not often we see exchange with coins and bills anymore, but the importance of educating our children about money remains the same. As children grow and start to make choices, they learn that people, things, and money have value. These concepts form the foundation for understanding the importance of spending, sharing, and saving.

We love this concept from @flisatfun to teach money! She has used this as a teaching and creative tool for her mini, and then to teach maths by having them calculate the value of the caterpillar. Genius! #stepbysteplearning

How cute is this resource from @chloeelizabethslp used to target sentence structure?! 😍

Visuals are a technique that we use to teach sentence structure with our clients who have language delays.

A simple sentence consists of one independent clause (subject and verb). AAC helps non or minimally verbal students to communicate, and it’s so exciting when they start to grasp the concept of forming a meaningful sentence 😍 #stepbysteplearning
📸 @chloeelizabethslp

There will be days when nothing goes to plan, and that’s okay! Don’t get bogged down in all the ‘I can’ts’ and let’s focus on what we are LEARNING from our experiences. Trust us, it really helps shift your mindset to be a lil’ bit more positive! #yourewelcome #stepbysteplearning ...

After our post last week about HSC prep, a few of our students were asking lots of questions about what ‘preparation’ for the HSC actually looks like. The absolute first thing we say to be prepared for is… ALL THE WRITING! So good ol’ writing drills, colouring in etc come in handy when you are working up those muscles so that your hand can write as quick as your brain will blurt 😆 #stepbysteplearning
📸 @sevenbrushstrokes

It’s a nice feeling when our students tell us that they are actually using the tools we provide them with 😅
A resource that, if we do say so ourselves, will be super helpful in getting your child back into the swing of the school setting. Our planners help to plan out the week so that students can visually see any deadlines and schedule in homework/revision time for all of their subjects. Available now for free download, visit the ‘free resources’ tab on our website – link in bio

We saw this book a little while ago from one of our fellow speechies, and WE LOVE IT! It is a wonderful way to teach kids how to be your true self, let the weird show and shine as you are! But recently we have also discovered that it is great for our older primary students, who are just starting to realise that other people have thoughts and feelings about them. We love how this book shows the importance of being confident in who you are!

It’s been a little while since we introduced one of our team members to you, so we thought we’d bring it back with this friendly face… Say hello to Chris 👋🏼 He is a patient and hardworking tutor here at SBSL. He is currently studying Law at UTS, and he has a big love for Maths. With over 3 years experience in tutoring maths to both primary and high school students (up to HSC Advanced Math), Chris has a natural ability to engage and motivate his students which is a HUGE reason why we love him! #stepbysteplearning ...