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At Step by Step, we steer clear of the 'one size fits all' approach.

Step by Step Learning provides individualised services to the Paediatric population (2-18 yrs).
We support our client’s in their learning journey, and equip them with the skills required to each reach their individual potential.

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Christmas is here at SBSL HQ 🎅🏼

2021 is definitely the year we’d like to give BACK, and would love our SBSL Family to help us do this!

For the last few years we have been supporting @salvosau army in Miranda, because we admire the *amazing* work that they do!

We are asking that our families bring in gifts and/or food to place under our tree. Food will be taken to The Salvation Army who will distribute them into hampers. Gifts will be available to parents in need who will hand pick one for their child.

To say THANK YOU, every person that brings something in will go in the draw to WIN @becbakescronulla Christmas cupcakes 🎅🏼

Please bring something in before December 10th to allow time for items to be dropped off and distributed before Christmas day!

The winner will be drawn on 16th December and some SBSL elves will deliver the cupcakes to your door just in time for early Christmas treats ❤️

Let’s all spread some love this Christmas! #stepbysteplearning

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Visuals summarise content into smaller, easier to process chunks. Visual information is more likely to be retained compared to text-based or audio information. Did you know that students effortlessly relate emotions with visuals which makes it more impactful and memorable?!?!

Are you a visual learner?

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😅 “It’s the most wonderful time of the year…” #stepbysteplearning ...

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Speech Highlight:
Decoding blends is one of the most important concepts to teach our younger students. This is a skill that they will use for reading, as well as in their speech production.

We define blends as two or more consonants that make their own sound, but we say them very close together. Some examples of initial blends are: bl, sl, st, cr and gr, and ending blends include ld, nd, nt and ft.

Knowledge of blends helps children progress from reading words like ‘bed’ and ‘pat’ to ‘blend’ and ‘plant’. Although the concept of consonant blends is easy to understand, the underlying skills of segmenting and blending may be rather difficult for some of our students at first.

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It’s no secret that Pig the Pug is a favourite amongst our younger students. It’s provides a great example of many lessons – the main one being cause and effect. It’s also a great book for working on narrative writing – students can write their own stories based off the connections they make to the book.

One of our main goals here at SBSL is to connect with our students and make our teaching as relative as we can – especially if we can use the related texts they are using at school.

The series has lots of additions - Pig the Blob illustrates just what it’s like to be pregnant in the middle of Summer 😜

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A tool that can be adjusted and used in many ways – we love an opportunity to learn through play!

Practise sight words, times tables and even sentences from your reference text. Homework doesn’t have to be tedious and boring. Use a different part of your brain and add some fun!
📸 @theottoolbox

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Ending the year with a *bang* and adding to our incredible team!

We are on the hunt for another Rockstar Speech Pathologist!

With full time and part time options available, you have the flexibility to choose which hours suit you!

The right person for this role will be enthusiastic, collaborative and ready to make a difference in our clients’ lives – the most important thing to us here at SBSL.

The Role:
- Conduct diagnostic assessments to Paediatric clients within the areas of speech, language, literacy and fluency.
- Deliver one on one, evidence-based therapy.
- Writing assessment reports, progress reports and NDIS reports and budgets.
- Liaise with all members of the multidisciplinary team to enhance client care.
- Provide regular written and verbal information and advice to the individual, their families and other professionals to keep them informed of your progress. ​
- Provide intervention within our Caringbah based office, local schools and clients homes when required.

- Flexible work arrangement – full time or part time available
- Administration support
- Therapy room fully equipped and resourced
- A budget for continued Professional Development
- Supervision as required by your level of experience
- Friendly and supportive team environment

For more information, or to apply please email your resume and cover letter to Danielle at

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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We know with the end of year approaching, a few of our students (particularly our older ones) are a little nervous about their end of year reports and results coming out.

We are here to say: don’t be nervous! It is a perfect opportunity to teach your family and your team (us!) where you are sitting and give us a head start into setting goals up for the new year.

Remember that this year has been unlike most – so be kind to yourself! The fact we got through it, and you still committed to your learning is something we are celebrating! #stepbysteplearning

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I’m *almost* a mum and [still] can’t do this in one day.

Where are the superhero mums who can do this in one day?! #stepbysteplearning

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Mindfulness is simply paying full attention in the moment. It involves relaxed focusing, without any judgement. For children, mindfulness may be used to help with managing conditions including ASD, challenging behaviours, ADHD, anxiety and stress.

Growing evidence suggests that teaching mindfulness to children can help with learning, decision making, emotional intelligence, self-confidence and connectedness to others.

Do you practise mindfulness at home with your family?


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Yes I know, as adults a tantrum from our children is not something we particularly enjoy – but we need to remember that they are a form of communication! They might express something the child would like to say, or perhaps some overwhelming emotions they are processing.

Tantrums benefit children! They can improve learning and even sleep because they release stress, and assist with emotional regulation abilities.

How we react as adults can impact these benefits… Co-regulation, modelling of communication, and providing support help our children to remember that what they are feeling is okay. All feelings are okay, but sometimes the behaviour is what is not okay. Be patient and be present.

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As we work with children and families, it is extremely important to us that we create a safe and warm environment for children to thrive in. We hope you feel this from the minute you walk through our door 🙂

Yes it’s the end of year, but after so long at home we are loving how joyful and inspired our students are to learn! #stepbysteplearning

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Perfect for the ‘something you read’ or ‘something you need’ under the tree! Kmart [and book stores] have a great selection of books that can keep young minds busy during the holidays 💡 #stepbysteplearning ...

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Chino here!
Mum and Dad tell me I have to share my mascot duties soon, can you believe it?


With the return to our office over the last few weeks, it has been fun watching students look twice, too polite to ask. To avoid any confusion, yes there is a baby on board! 😂💗

As you can imagine Chino lacked up ALLLL of the undivided attention during lockdown, knowing that soon it will be coming to an end. Chino has reassured us he will maintain his work duties despite his new role in 2022
#catsoutofthebag #elephantintheroom #sbslbabyonboard

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We are very excited to be back in SBSL HQ offering face to face tutoring sessions. We can’t wait to see our students and families, but please remember there are a few things we all need to be mindful of!

SBSL will have the following conditions of entry:

• QR check in for all entering the office
• Must have vaccination status with you to show to SBSL staff
• Children under 16 must be with a fully vaccinated adult
• Students 16 years and older must be fully vaccinated
• Mask wearing for all staff, parents and students over 12 years
• Social distancing – maintain 1.5 metre distance
• Use of hand sanitiser when entering and leaving
• Rescheduling sessions to online if unwell

We hope you are all ready for an exciting term to finish off the year!

Hello Term 4 *officially*!

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At SBSL we value the individual needs of students at varying levels and we really believe in a one-on-one approach to tuition. We believe that our approach towards individual progression and confidence building is what is helping our students achieve the amazing results they are 😍

We are very excited to be back in HQ next week with the rest of our team and families! Are you?


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Articulation is the way a person uses their tongue, palate, lips, teeth and jaw (articulators) to form words.

Based on 15 English speech acquisition studies compiled by McLeod and Crowe, 2018, typically, your child masters the above sounds at certain ages.

If your little one hasn’t quite mastered these sounds yet, or you have any concerns with their speech – please contact us to see how we can help you and your family 😊 #stepbysteplearning

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When you read it engages various parts of your brain. You exercise your comprehension abilities and your analytical abilities. It fires up your imagination and stimulates the memory centres of your mind. It helps recall information as well as stabilise your emotions…

Reading is one of the *best* mental workouts there is!

What are you currently reading? #stepbysteplearning
📸 @teachwithmeinprepg

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Hoping the plants around SBSL HQ have survived without us there too 😅

Lucky for them, we have had a few visits here and there – and we will be back in HQ full time from Oct 25th 🎉

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